Let It Begin Here

239 years ago tonight, a network of signal fires, cannon shot, alarm bells and riders—among them, a silversmith by the name of Paul Revere—awoke the Massachusetts countryside, warning, “the Regulars are about!”


The alarm turned out up to 14,000 militiamen over the course of the day, who began to converge upon a column of Regulars and Royal Marines on a secret mission to confiscate arms and ammunition they believed to be stored in Lexington and Concord.

The rest, as they say, is history… and this history is being taught in a way you have probably never heard it in Appleseed events across the nation this weekend. Odds are that you can find one near you.

I’ve been involved in Appleseed as a volunteer for several years, and the way Project Appleseed instructors tell the history of that day, interspersed with some of the best basic rifle marksmanship instruction you can find anywhere, at any price, is amazing.

bob owens

Now more than ever, I’d strongly encourage you to attend an Appleseed event in your area. Learn about our first day as Americans in a story not commonly told in school. Become a Rifleman. Learn your history, and appreciate your role in a constitutional Republic as an active participant in your own liberty. If you absolutely can’t make it to an Appleseed (or simply are more interested in history than shooting), there are also Libertyseed events that you can attend.


There will even be one next Friday evening the NRA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.


We are a nation born of a desire for liberty, dedicated to freedom, opposed to tyranny.

Rededicate yourself to that noble cause that has sustained us.

Let it begin here.

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