PUNK'D: Real Grassroots Gun Safety Advocates Beat Bloomberg to the Punch and Claim "Everytown For Gun Safety" pages on Facebook

We had our fun yesterday mocking the creation of Michael Bloomberg’s abortive fourth attempt at launching a viable gun prohibitionist group. Bloomberg’s $50 million rebranding of the remains of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Moms Demand Action, and the even-shorter-lived Demand Action as “Everytown For Gun Safety” was a complete bust outside of fawning attention by the mainstream media.


Bloomberg has spent millions in attempts to destroy the Second Amendment, but he has always failed and will always fail because the rest of the Republic sees him as the poster-child of the sort of arrogant, rich narcissist that has so corrupted our political system. The mainstream media can scream “Koch Brothers!” (a pair of libertarian philanthropist brothers that have become boogeymen for the radical left) all day long, but what people actually see is an angry billionaire munchkin mugging for the cameras and telling the world how they should live, according to his rules.


Predicably, the announcement didn’t go over real well among real grassroots gun safety advocates, who quickly snatched up the Everytown for Gun Safety Facebook page and started collecting “likes” almost immediately. The main page has over 17,000 likes in just two days, there are now state pages for all 50 states, and city and community pages are cropping up too fast for anyone to keep track of them all at this point.

Much to the dismay of  Bloomberg’s cult, the emerging linked entities on Facebook are filled with posts promoting real gun safety… not the gun prohibition that Bloomberg cries for from behind his high-paid phalanx of bodyguards that he poached from the NYPD.


There is, as you may expect, plenty of mockery as well, spurred on in part by the boneheaded decision of Bloomberg’s chief gun controller Mark Glaze, who alled for a duel for control of the page.

bloomberg punked
YouTuber TwangNBang notes just how badly Michael Blomberg’s new astroturf gun prohibitionist group was outmaneuvered by real grassroots activists who are really interested in promoting gun safety.

“Everytown” is already blowing up in Bloomberg’s face. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

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