EveryFAIL: When Parody Perfectly Mimics Reality [Updated]

Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown” roll-out has been a colossal failure, from the egotistical Bloomberg’s arrogant (and theologically-challenged) claim that he’s “earned” his way into Heaven for attempting to oppose the basic human right to self defense, to his social media director’s failure to secure the applicable Facebook pages, leading to dozens of obvious—and sometimes delightfully subtle—parody clones.


One of these mocking Facebook pages so successfully parodied the general ignorance of all things gun-related that they convinced a number of gun sites—Bearing Arms included—that the parody image above was real.

I’m fairly certain that if the image creator has submitted the image to the real Everytown page, it would have been posted without their social media team being able to pick out the obvious impossibility of an entire cartridge being fired.

When people can’t tell the difference between the parody image and the repeated ignorance displayed by the real organization, what does that say about the organization being mocked?

Michael Bloomberg can easily afford to spend $50 million to fund his fourth attempt at creating a gun prohibitionist group.

What he can’t seem to buy—at any price—is credibility and authenticity, which is why these parody efforts are so easily mistaken for the real group’s efforts.


Update: There is now speculation from some that the Everytown page that posted the image in question may be real, considering the content of the other posts on the page.

We only know for sure that the Everytown web page posts to a different Facebook page, and that the comments of this Facebook page aren’t ruthlessly purged as the Mom’d Demand site typically is, since that group cannot stand any criticism whatsoever.


If this turns out to be a real Bloomberg-controlled Facebook page we’ll let you know.

By the way: we’re fairly certain that to answer the question posed in the image, everyone is faster than the dummy round used in the picture. It can’t fire, in whole or in part.

Update: The communications director for Everytown for Gun Safety blames “cybersquatters.”


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