Why We Win


By this weekend, an estimated 70,000 people will be in Indianapolis for the city’s first time hosting the annual NRA Convention.

It’s the third largest convention Indianapolis has ever hosted, and Visit Indy officials say they estimate it’ll bring in $55 million in economic impact.

Visit Indy spokesperson Chris Gahl said the city first approached the NRA more than a decade ago about hosting its annual meeting here. The committed to the city in 2010. Since then, Gahl said tourism officials, city officials, and the NRA have all been working together to prepare for this weekend.

NRA spokesperson Catherine Mortensen told 24-Hour News 8 the organization has been working with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department specifically on security details.

“The NRA members are probably the most law-abiding group at a convention that you’ll ever get,” she said. “They’re terrific.”



Two Houston-area women will be among the 100 or more moms and gun-violence survivors protesting outside the National Rifle Association convention, which begins Friday in Indianapolis.

An estimated 70,000 people are spending their own money to come to Indianapolis to take part in the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits. Some 100 citizen control cultists—some, if not most of them, are paid to attend—will occupy a side street somewhere, complaining fiercely about firearms that they don’t understand, unwilling and unable to debate the facts.

In the end, the citizen control cult relies upon deception, media bias, and the pockets of a handful of super-wealthy donors. They don’t have any dues paying members. They can’t generate any widespread grassroots support.

They certainly couldn’t generate enough interest for their own convention, and so they have to stand outside of ours.

American gun ownership, however, is a grassroots effort. There are 5 million members in the National Rifle Association alone. There are at least 100 million Americans who support the gun industry with their purchasing power. More literally “buy in” every year, and the industry cannot keep up with demand.

Gun ownership is way up. Interest in the shooting sports is way up. Socializing at shooting-related events is up, and the growth of a new kind of “country club” shooting range is growing fast to cater to a market that is increasingly young, urban, and female as we spread across all demographics, in every part of the nation.


Despite desperate cries from citizen control cultists, firearms are mainstream, and people are believing less and less of the rhetoric spewed by a politically-compromised mainstream media.

As more Americans enjoy firearms and shooting, violence crime continues a 40-year decline, despite a horrible economy and high unemployment. Gun accidents, likewise, are on a steady decline across every age group.

We win because in the end, facts beat lies. Truth cannot be denied.

I’ll see you at the convention.

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