Moms Demand Small Arms


I was interested in seeing what Shannon Watts and her allies at Moms Demand Illegal Actions From Mayors In Everytown (MDIAFMIE) were to say during their trip to Indianapolis. The group had promised to “send NRA leadership a message.”


Apparently, their message was “we don’t want to be anywhere near where you are,” because when I decided to attend their rally, I found that I had to hike down W Maryland Street, hang a left on N Illinois, turn right on E Market, hang a left around Monument Circle, and then schlep four blocks up, to see this.

mda 5

Most of the MDIAFMI members attending the rally were convincingly camouflaged as an empty lawn, but there were perhaps 100+ people (some have claimed as many as 200, but a good 10%-15% appeared to be media, so that number seems inflated) clustered around the stage, roughly matching the numbers of supporters that Bloomberg paid to attend.

mda 4

I’ll confess that I only lingered for about 20 minutes. The speeches they heard were recycled, lacking energy. The paid-for audiences had heard it all before, and it showed. They were going through the motions. I’ve seen more enthusiasm at wakes.

mda 1

I must have obviously looked like a “gun guy” to the staff carefully choreographing the event, because trackers were on me before I even got to the crowd proper, whispering into there radios and following me from one side of the small crowd to the other. The paranoia was palpable. They real seem to have the delusional belief that their fellow citizens might just explode into violence at any moment, without warning or reason.


This is what happens when everything you know about firearms comes from Hollywood.

mda 2

When I got the the right side of the crowd facing the stage, I “made” armed security from 30 yards away. The parade rest posture, the mirrored sunglasses, and a cheap suit (not cut to account for the bulge on his right hip) was obvious.

Moms might demand that you be disarmed, but they certainly liked having armed security of their own.

It wasn’t until later in the press room that I was able to compare notes With Dana Loesch of the Blaze and discover that the goon I’d seen was the same one that apparently assaulted her.

There is something deeply disturbing about the mindset of such people, who have such a low opinion—and such high distrust—of their fellow citizens.

They’re better than you… don’t you understand?

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