"Rambo!" "Assault Rifle!" Mainstream Media Salivates Over Erroneous Early Reports Of FedEx Shooting

The factual details of what occurred at a FedEx hub this morning in Kennesaw, Georgia, became apparent relatively quickly:

The shooting erupted at 5:54 a.m. at a warehouse 1675 Airport Road, Kennesaw, near the Cobb County Airport, said police spokesman Sgt. Dana Pierce. He said the police were alerted by a numerous 911 calls that there was an active shooter in the building.

More than 100 police and federal officers arrived at the sprawling FedEx hub and surrounded the building, but shortly before 9 a.m. police said the man suspected of carrying out the shooting was dead.

The alleged gunman was described only as a FedEx employee who as a package handler, Pierce said. “As far as I know, he worked at this location,” the officer said.

His body was found in the Bay Area of the warehouse and a weapon was found with him.

“When he was found we know that he had a shotgun. It was the only weapon he had at that time… He deceased from what we believe was a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” the sergeant said.


The mainstream media being a poorly-educated anti-gun media, however, journalists continue portraying erroneous accounts from rattled, shocked witnesses as credible claims, well after the incident was over.

The rabidly anti-gun New York Daily News is among the incompetent media that ran this self-evidently false claim:

The shooter who wounded six people at a Georgia FedEx facility was armed with an assault rifle, a knife and had ammunition draped across his chest “like he was Rambo,” a witness said.

The suspect opened  fire after he burst into the warehouse near Cobb County Airport in Kennesaw – located about 30 miles northwest of Atlanta – shortly before 6 a.m., authorities said.

“I saw him standing there and the knife was on the ground. He dropped his knife,” Liza Aiken told reporters, adding that the suspect was wearing all black except for a camoflage[sic] vest that made him look like “he was Rambo.

“He had bullets strapped across his chest,” she said. “I mean, he looked like he was heading into war. As soon as I saw him, I ran the other way.”

Any credible reporter knows that real, legally-owned selective-fire assault rifles have never been used to commit so much as a single murder in the history of the United States.


Not. One. Time.

Assault rifles did not come into existence as a type of firearm until the very end of the Second World War with the creation of the German Sturmgewehr 44, a decade after selective fire weapons and machine guns were heavily-regulated under the National Firearms Act of 1934. Furthermore, no new assault rifles have been manufactured for the public market since the Hughes Amendment of the Firearm Owners Protection Act became law in 1986, 28 years ago.

Any credible journalist would also have red-flagged the eyewitnesses claim that she saw “bullets strapped to his chest,” when it is well known that all modern sporting rifles (MSRs) feed from box magazines.

But we’re not talking about “credible reporters.” We’re talking about the mainstream media.

We’re hampered by dealing with the same agenda-driven ignoramuses that famously claimed that the Washington Navy Yard shooting carried out by Aaron Alexis was also carried out using an AR-15 that was never there.


Bearing Arms will update this story when more facts become available.

In the meantime, we pray for those injured in this attack and their families.

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