NEVER ENOUGH: Control Cult Calls For Microstamping In New York

There is no such thing as a gun control organization.

There are instead groups that intend to chip away every part of the Second Amendment until there is simply nothing of it left. They are gun prohibitionists because gun prohibition removes their greatest challenges to citizen control and tyranny.

Now, won’t you be good little subjects and allow them to take even more of your liberty?

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence on Tuesday called on lawmakers to pass legislation mandating that guns be stored in a safe or equipped with a gun lock.

Another proposal from the group would require all semi-automatic handguns sold in the state to be equipped with a device that stamps a unique code into a shell casing each time the gun is fired, making it easier for authorities to track guns used in shootings.

Microstamping is a non-viable technology. Even the creator admits that the technology cannot be implemented in its current form. It is only useful in the context that a requirement for microstamping can be used to choke off the entire market for conventional pistols, as is the current plot in California.

This isn’t about an attempt to stop crime. This is an attempt to destroy the handgun market in the state of New York.