Crime Prevention Research Center Is Countering Anti-Gun Propaganda

There are few things more delightful than burying gun control cultists under a mountain of irrefutable data that eviscerates their agenda.  You know it. I know it, and most importantly, they know it.


This is why anti-gunners are investing millions of dollars to created biased “research,” just as they previously attempted to undermine Second Amendment scholarship by buying-off law reviews. Obama and the citizen control cultists are going to fund “research” with a pre-determined outcome. They’re going to stack the deck and manufacture data in an attempt to “justify” taking your civil rights.

It’s deceptive, unethical, biased… and entirely what we expect from those who desire to strip away your right to own guns so that they can turn the citizens of a Republic into subjects of socialism.

While there are a number of Second Amendment groups dedicated to fighting the legal battle against the control cult, we’re currently at something of a disadvantage when it comes to countering falsified or slanted data… and that is where you and the Crime Prevention Research Center (CRPC), a tax exempt 501(C)(3) organization, can come in.


The CRPC is currently raising funds to hire research assistants, research associates, and acquire data to counter gun control propaganda.

I’m not going to tell you that you must give them money to help provide the research that will be used to help defend your rights, but I would suggest you head over and let CPRC founder John Lott make the case to you.

The bad guys are pushing an agenda to takeaway our rights. Shouldn’t we push back?

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