Racist ThinkProgress Asserts Colion Noir Must Have Been Manufactured By The NRA

If you listen to the assertions made by ThinkProgress’s Jessica Goldstein, Colion Noir was manufactured by the NRA virtually overnight in an effort to con minorities into supporting gun rights.


Does that sound like too harsh a criticism of Goldstein’s rant? Judge for yourself.

Goldstein seems to believe that it is impossible that Noir could exist without someone else creating him.  The incredible depths of racism exposed in her thought patterns are terribly disconcerting. She shows the depths of her dark fantasies by imagining precisely how he was created… by the demonic old white men that run the NRA, no doubt.

As you can probably guess, Colion Noir is not his real name. It’s Collins Idehen. (Can you imagine the pitch meeting, trying to come up with the just-right fake name for the face of young black gun ownership? “How about Jack Black? Wait, that’s taken.” “You know, Noir means “black” in French.” “French? Isn’t that a little liberal-elite for our taste?” “No, trust me, people are going to like it.” “BOOM. Best brainstorm ever!”)

She’s told us nothing about Noir, but she does strongly suggest that she sincerely thinks that a black American male cannot be well-spoken, have refined tastes for well-made things, be “hip,” and produce video with good production values without someone speaking through him, using him as a puppet.



Goldstein indulges in her thinly-veiled racism even more in the next paragraph.

Noir seems to have emerged out of the ether; evidence of his earlier, real-name career is scant. In interviews, he recites an origin story that sounds too good to not be scripted: he told conservative news site The Blaze that he was “not too fond” of guns as a kid and didn’t fire one until after college, when he went with gun-owning friend to a range one day. “Quite frankly, when I stepped in I was terrified.” But once he fired, “it was literally love at first shot.”

You’ll note that she specifically chooses the term “origin story,” (a term generally used in the context of a comic book hero’s backstory) to continue her thesis that he couldn’t be a self-made man, but was the product of someone else’s imagination. She insists that he’s a scripted character.

Noir, the newly-manufactured (“scripted,” with a “just-right fake name”) NRA shill that Goldstein insists must be muttering lines in  someone else’s minstrel show, just celebrated the third anniversary of his first video, uploaded May 8, 2011.


She cannot accept the thought that in a nation of 312 million souls, there exists young, successful, discerning minorities that hold views other than those approved by racial gatekeepers.

We haven’t learned anything about Colion Noir in this article, but I’m afraid that we’ve learned quite a bit about what Jessica Goldstein really thinks about black men in our society, and perhaps something about the sort of editors who would allow such an obviously bigoted article go to print.

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