How To Lose The Messaging War On Guns

Gun control cult Moms Demand Action From Illegal Mayors in Everytown pushed their allies in the media to promote a story this past week where they claimed that members of Open Carry Tarrant County scared employees of a Jack in the Box restaurant so badly that they hid in the freezer and called 911.

There’s just a little problem with claims made by the corrupt Bloomberg-controlled group: that never happened.

As it turns out, no one inside the restaurant called 911, either employees or customers. Employees never hid in the freezer, as verified by Jack in the Box corporate representatives.

What really happened? A 911 call was placed by a man leaving a nearby Home Depot.

The story told by Moms Demand was a lie, but they are not changing their story. Ever the good little Goebbels disciples, they are putting their half-truths and lies out there, and sticking to them.

Lies about the open carry movement in Texas are becoming a pattern of behavior by the prohibitionist cult.

In November they lied about another incident involving Open Carry Texas, where they set up members of the group who were holding a peaceful protest, asked the group to pose for pictures, and then deceived the press about what actually occurred, coining the phrase “gun bullies” in the process.

It took a long time to undo the damage.

Sadly, these groups don’t seem to be getting much wiser in the way they handle their protests. They’re not doing anything illegal or immoral, but they’re not terribly intelligent in the way they carry out their protests or public relations messaging, nor are they able to counter the lies of Moms Demand in a timely manner.

They have now twice themselves up for Moms Demand Illegal Mayors in Everytown propaganda efforts by simply being guileless and slow to respond. They really need to bring in someone that understands public relations, or Moms Demand is going to continue eating them alive in the media.

Shannon Watts may be a liar, but she’s a professional liar, having been a public relations executive for corporations and politicians alike before joining up to run Bloomberg’s gun control cult.

We can’t afford to underestimate her. While we know that she s clueless about firearms, she understands how to work a mainstream media that is largely anti-gun and is willing to take her deceptions at face value, instead of digging deeper to find the truth.

In both the November incident and this one, Watts’s cult won clear PR victories. Open Carry Texas/Open Carry Tarrant County need to learn to fight a smarter public relations battle.

Even though they’re “right,” they’re getting their butts kicked.