Man Shot And Killed In Protest Of Man Being Shot and Killed. Protesters Ensure Shot Man Dies By Attacking First Responders.

The shooting of a Salinas man by police that was captured on video led to a protest last night in the same area, in which another man was shot dead by a still unknown assailant.


A 23-year-old Salinas man was shot to death late Wednesday during a demonstration where people threw bottles and other objects at police and emergency staff, injuring an officer trying to save the man, police said Thursday.

Constantino Garcia, a resident of the area of Del Monte and Mae avenues, was reported shot at 9:07 p.m. by an unknown assailant while standing on the sidewalk in front of his home watching protesters, police said.

So, the best way to show your disapproval of police shooting an armed man, is to gun down an unarmed resident in the same area? These folks are brilliant.

But it gets even worse.

As officers and emergency medical personnel got to the scene to give medical aid to Garcia, some people who had gathered during the demonstration started to fling bottles, sticks, bricks and rocks at them.

One of the police officers was stuck in the head by a bottle as he was administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation to Garcia. The blow prevented the officer from continuing his attempt to revive the victim, police said.

Garcia was transported to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Let’s unpack the feral mob insanity here the best we can.

  • Salinas residents call police because they claim a man armed with garden shears invaded their home.
  • Salinas police attempt to apprehend the man, who refuses to surrender. One cop’s taser fails completely, the other misses. They eventually shoot him after he fails to drop his weapon or comply to commands.
  • Salinas residents protest the armed man being shot, likening it to an “execution.” In reality, most would have likely showed far less restraint than the police did.
  • During the protest of the police killing this man, someone kills another man.
  • Residents then attack police officers attempting to save this man’s life, injuring an officer attempting to save his life so severely that he is forced to quit his CPR attempt, perhaps assuring the injured man’s death.

Sometimes, when I look at such depraved behavior, I wonder if Ellen Ripley had the best idea of how to solve the problem.

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