EP Armory Polymer Lower Customers Won't Be Raided By ATF. Probably.

The "Gen 1" EP Armory 80% lower receiver that got the ATF so upset.
The “Gen 1” EP Armory 80% lower receiver that got the ATF so upset.

EP Armory seems to have survived the excrement storm with the ATF over their 80% polymer lowers, and will some be back in production with both AR-15 and AR-10 variants. Just as importantly, they seem to have assurances from the government that their customers won’t be raided by the ATF… though it seems equally clear that the ATF knows who each and every one of you are:

As some of you have seen on the site we have a new edition of the EP80. We have been in talks with the ATF, FTB as well as the US state attorneys office over the legalities, current ownership and the future of the polymer 80% lower home build. We are glad to say we have came up with a new even better idea that will solidify our footing in the 80% market. We will in the next couple of days be issuing a new model with the BATFE for acceptance on the determination of our current model EP80. We feel that making these small changes to the current design are minimal but better serves you patriots. Keep in mind we have not and will not give up on the EP80 original design.

This new design should hit market within the next couple of months if not sooner along with a new AR10. <——YUP

As for current customers in possession of the original model. We have received direct assurance from the ATF that current customers in possession of the original have nothing to fear. They have given our legal team this assurance in the motion that as long as the person or persons in possession of the current model is of legal status of owning or possessing a firearm to the original GCA statement you will not be visited by a group of badges. Our legal team will be making a direct statement concerning the ATF standpoint this next week.

This, of course, is the same ATF that apparently conned a U.S. Attorney into lying to a federal judge in order to raid Ares Armor and seize these customer names in the first place, so take that promise with a huge grain of salt.