Rifle Open Carrier Claims He Was Struck By Vehicle In Hit And Run

Walking Rule One violation Jim Sanders muzzles his left foot with every step.
jim sanders
Lafayette, Indiana’s Jim Sanders says that he is protesting the confiscation of his driver’s license by open carrying an AR-15-style rifle.

Lafeyette, Indiana’s Jim Sanders is protesting the city’s confiscation of his driver’s license in a rather novel way:


An Indiana man who is protesting losing his driver’s license is now walking around town carrying an assault rifle.

It was a sight on Sagamore Parkway Tuesday that raised a number of eyebrows and drew numerous phone calls to Lafayette police.

Jim Sanders walked from his home in Mulberry to a Lafayette pharmacy and restaurant with his rifle strapped to his torso.

He said he’s walking in protest after losing his driver’s license in April after he refused to pay a fine for several infractions including failing to signal and possession of multiple licenses.

Lafayette police say as long as he doesn’t point his rifle or threaten anyone, he is within his rights to carry a gun.

Sanders said his license was unlawfully taken from him and that the public has nothing to fear.

“I have the right to do it for protection. I’ve got valuables on me, I’ve been walking on the highway and you don’t ever know who’s going to come up against you especially in the middle of the night,” said Sanders.

Walking Rule One violation Jim Sanders muzzles his left foot with every step.
Walking Rule One violation Jim Sanders muzzles his left foot with every step.

Sanders is now claiming to be the victim of what one might be tempted to call a open carry hit and run.


Jim Sanders, the man known for walking down state roads in Lafayette with a rifle for the past few days, said he was a victim of a hit and run.

Lafayette police responded to a call by Sanders at 2:03 p.m. Wednesday with Sanders saying he had been struck by a vehicle on South Street near the post office.

LPD Sgt. Jeromy Rainey said LPD are investigating, however, there were not any witnesses and the vehicle description provided by Sanders was “a pickup truck with a silver mirror.”

Sanders did not require medical attention as a result of the alleged incident, in which there were no witnesses (despite this being a multi-lane main road in the middle of the afternoon), he suffered no injuries, and there was no apparent damage to the vehicle, which he could not describe in any meaningful way.

Sadly, this has “look at meeeeeeeee!” written all over it.

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