Bogus School Shooting "Data" Released By Everytown/Mom's Demand Should Result in Firings


Michael Bloomberg, current employer of charlatans Shannon Watts and Erika Sota Lamb.

Michael Bloomberg, you have some explaining to do.

Yesterday, Mom’s Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety, the conjoined gun control cult bought and paid for by the miniature billionaire, claimed that there have been an impossibly high 74 school shootings since a deranged teen murdered his mother before slaughtering 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.


The claims were quickly echoed—uncritically, and without even a cursory attempt at fact-checking—by reporters and editors from news outlets that should have know better. Shannon Watts of Mom’s Demand and Erika Soto Lamb of Everytown might have gotten away with their outlandish claims… except that journalist Charles C. Johnson started looking at the underlying data for their claims, and posted what he found on Twitter in real-time as he found it. As he did so, the blatant deception from Bloomberg’s gun control harpies quickly fell apart.


We could go on, but it is simply more of the same.

Sadly, this is just part of a pattern of deceptive behavior, and isn’t atypical. If Michael Bloomberg cared about the credibility of his gun control groups in the slightest, he’d fire Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts and Everytown fantasist Erika Soto Lamb along with their staffs for continually deceiving the media and their own supporters.

Of course, that’s assuming that he cares that his minions are lying to his supporters…

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