Resigning Director Of Top Gun Control Group Admits Gun Control Doesn't Work

At our companion site Katie Pavlich notes that the man who was Michael Bloomberg’s top paid gun grabber has admitted that the various citizen control schemes proposed by gun control groups would have had no impact on mass shootings:


Meet Mark Glaze, the former executive director and face of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety,a group that used to be called Mayors Against Illegal Guns [MAIG]. Whenever a mass shooting occurs (which despite popular belief and hysteria from the media, isn’t happening more frequently than it used to), Glaze takes to the airwaves to demand new gun control legislation, specifically expanded background checks.

As of Friday, Glaze left his post with MAIG Everytown and is admitting in an exit interview with the Wall Street Journal that the proposals outlined by the gun control group and sent to Congress, would not have prevented mass shootings in the past and won’t stop them in the future.

Make sure that you read Glaze’s exact words, which are an admission that the gun control policies pushed by Moms Demand Action From Illegal Mayors In Everytown (MDAIMIE) will in no way slow or stop mass killings.

Let’s take a look at some of the recent killings that these groups and aligned anti-liberty politicians would to cite as reasons your liberty should be curtailed, and show where existing and proposed gun control laws failed.

  • Las Vegas Cici’s police murders. Male attacker was already a prohibited person due to criminal convictions.
  • Reynolds High School murder. Attacker stole firearms that had been securely stored.
  • Seattle Pacific University murder. Attacker obtained gun after undergoing background checks
  • Santa Barbara/Isla Vista murders. Attacker legally obtained firearms despite incredibly tight gun control laws already in place, including background checks, gun registration, waiting periods, magazine limit capacity, etc.

In precisely none of these incidents—nor in any of the more notorious mass killings in this nation’s history—would “universal background checks,” gun registration, bans on carrying firearms in certain areas (gun free zones), artificial limits on magazine capacity have prevented the crime from taking place, nor would they have likely played a roll in changing the outcome in regards to the number of those killed and wounded.

Gun control has never saved lives, but it has ensured that governments imposing gun control will face no opposition when they impose tyranny and exterminate minority populations.

Let’s not mince words: gun control advocates are champions of mass murder. They simply trust that they will be in charge of the government when the government is turned upon the people.

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