Stop Touching It, Appendix Carry Edition

I’ts generally a good rule of thumb to not take your sidearm out of your holster unless you absolutely must, and you must be very practiced and careful when you reholster your firearm. That bit of seemingly self-evident and practical advice apparently didn’t stick for one Georgia man, who was apparently attempting to reholster a handgun in the appendix carry position when the weapon discharged, pointing you know where:

A Macon man was treated at Coliseum Northside hospital Thursday after he accidentally shot himself in the penis.

The man was parked at the gas station at about 9:30 p.m. when he attempted to holster his .45. Immediately after the gun went off, he drove to a friend’s house in Lake Wildwood. When he got to the friends house, he took off his pants and saw that he had “shot himself in the penis and that the bullet exited out of his buttocks.” The spent round fell onto the floor.

The spend round fell onto the floor. If I was the friend who witnessed this, I would have probably hit the floor as well.

As horrible as this incident was, it could have been much, much worse. There are several incidents of appendix carriers shooting themselves while attempting to reholster their firearms while wearing the holster, and I specifically recall incidents in Georgia and Virginia where men shot themselves in the femoral artery and bled out long before emergency medical services units could arrive.

Appendix carry is an excellent way to hide firearms for some body types, but it is also a high-risk  technique that points the muzzle of the firearm at critical body parts. Either learn to do it properly, or don’t do it at all.