Ever Wanted To Blow $125,000 On An AK? Here's Your Chance!

charlie wilson
Charlie Wilson’s AKM. Photo via Gunbroker.

An AKM parts-kit build that once belonged to Charlie Wilson of Charlie Wilson’s War fame is currently for sale on Gunbroker with an opening bid of $95,000, or you can take it home today for “just” $125,000.

Here’s the description:

For your consideration U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson’s Russian AKM rifle brought back to U.S. soil by Wilson himself after one of his numerous visits during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. At some point the weapons were officially acquired by the U.S. Government and placed on a Form 10 then becoming property of the United States Government. Every weapon in the Wilson collection was a gift from someone of historical significance, signifying a specific historical event. This weapon is no exception and the brass plaque mounted on the buttstock is engraved memorializing the event.
This rifle could serve as the centerpiece in a museum of world history and artifacts as well satisfy the most avid collector. Directly connected with the secret war waged by the U.S. assisting the Mujahideen in Afghanistan to defeat the invading Russian’s. Historically significant, coveted and appreciated are the weapons in the Wilson collection.

This particular weapon can be seen in the extra’s section of the motion picture “Charlie Wilson’s War” hanging in a glass display case behind Wilson in his office as he conducts official business along with some of the other weapons in his extensive “bring back” “battlefield pickup” “war relic” “war trophy” collection! After Wilson’s retirement the weapons were acquired by a Texas museum where they resided until the passing of Wilson at which time it was decided they were no longer politically correct.

That’s all well and good, but here’s my problem with the gun… it’s a demilled parts kit firearm:

Rebuilt by POH utilizing serial number matching receiver by 74U LLC. Previous form ten registered weapon with Wilson’s name on copy of original documents. Irrefutable documentation and provenance associated with this historically significant weapon possessed by Wilson who is credited for reshaping global events that have had significant impact unto this day.

Now, I’m not a gun collector, but if I were, I would want to be spending my money on a complete original firearm, not one that has had the original receiver destroyed and the parts kit put back together on a modern receiver, even one as historically accurate as 74U LLC is known for making.

Charlie Wilson's AKM
Charlie Wilson’s AKM. Most of it, anyway.

I’m trying to think of any historically significant firearm I’d be willing to pay that kind of money for (even if I had money to burn, which I don’t), and I’m coming up blank.

How about you? What would you be willing to pay for a war trophy rifle of no specific historical significance itself, other than it was once owned by a guy that was a Congressman played by Tom Hanks in a movie?

If I’m going to spend money on a Tom Hanks movie prop, I’m more interested in the other Wilson…

Wilson the volleyball from Castaway.
Wilson the volleyball from Castaway.

…but to each his own.