Bloomberg's Sad Attempt To Mimic The NRA Is Already Blowing Up In His Face

Poor Michael Bloomberg.

He’s on his fourth foundering gun control group, and they’ve been hammered repeatedly by even CNN and Politifact for dishonesty.

His most recent investment of political capital led to two lost recall elections in Colorado, and a third resignation to avoid defeat that would have shifted the balance of power in that state.

Now his “big idea” is to copy the civil rights organization that has befuddled him at every turn, and mimic the National Rifle Association’s  scorecard system… with potentially disastrous results:

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) is pulling the trigger on a national campaign to counter the gun lobby’s political might ahead of this year’s midterm elections.

But vulnerable red-state Democrats could wind up in the cross hairs, potentially helping Republicans seize control of the Senate — a scenario that would further darken the already dim prospects for gun control legislation in Congress.

Everytown for Gun Safety, a coalition with Bloomberg’s financial backing, announced plans Monday to begin questioning candidates for state and federal offices about their positions on an array of issues surrounding gun policy.

Much as the powerful National Rifle Association uses a scoring system to rally voters in favor of pro-gun candidates, Everytown plans to use the responses to target candidates the group views as standing on the wrong side of the issue and back those who support more stringent gun control regulations.

What Bloomberg doesn’t seem to grasp on a fundamental level is why the NRA is so successful, politically, and why gun control isn’t, and never will be.

The National Rifle Association champions a natural and civil right, the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms as a protection against man, beast, and tyrant. Such a notion has wide appeal, which far outpaces the NRA’s paid membership of five million souls.

While the NRA’s on-paper paid membership is in the low millions, politicians in both parties grasp that the organization has tens of millions of unpaid supporters and “quiet partners” that either agree with the group fully or in part, and who value the NRA’s political opinion and no-compromise position as the nation’s oldest civil rights group.

In contrast, Bloomberg and his fellow control cultists are an incredibly small group that can’t even propose having paid membership for fear that if they did so, it would reveal just how few serious supporters their cause actually has. It is likely that serious support measures just in the tens of thousands nationwide.

The NRA turned out 86,288 attendees at their recent annual meeting in Indianapolis, all of whom paid their own way. The Moms Demand Action/Everytown rally that was supposed to counter the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis mustered just 156 tired souls, which included paid staffers, their armed security officers (they just want you unarmed, folks) and media covering the rally.

While the NRA draws its power from business partnerships and millions of individual contributions from Democrats, Libertarians, Republicans, and independents alike , gun control groups are sponsored by a handful of radical left-wing foundations and a single miniature former mayor with a mania for telling everyone else how they should be living.

Put bluntly, the NRA scoring system works because it translates to votes in party primaries and on election day. While the NRA may not always win elections, they always, always influence them. Put bluntly, the NRA influences voters in both parties.

Everytown’s attempt to mimic the NRA is doomed from the outset, for two obvious reason.

The first and most obvious reason is that gun control groups have no ability to influence voting patterns. Gun control is a radical left-wing philosophy championed primarily by socialists and communists, and will only be supported by Democrats on the fringe of the party. Gun control supporters will vote for Democrats, and always for Democrats. They aren’t part of the swing vote, and won’t change elections.

The second is that gun control can’t generate voter turnout. It never has generated turnout, and never will, because restricting human rights is not a rallying cry that is going to get people to come out and vote. fighting for a natural human right ensures that the NRA can turn out voters in every election for the candidate that they support.

In the end, there is simply no reason for politicians in either party to answer Bloomberg’s questionnaire.

Those that support gun rights gain nothing from answering his biased and obviously loaded questions, and those who support his views know that if they fill out the questionnaire, that the NRA will use their participation against them to turn out the pro-gun vote either now or in the future in a closer election.

Like so many of Bloomberg’s gun control ideas, the Everytown-sponsored Bloomberg questionnaire is dead on arrival.

He’s just not able to figure that out on his own, for some reason.