Moms Demand Founder Shannon Watts Is Fine With Gun Violence Threats From Liberals

Yeah... she looks well adjusted.
"Well, I have my own Bloomberg-hired armed bodyguards, but you're on your own, suckers."
“My desire to disarm the unhinged doesn’t extend to my fellow anti-gun Democrats.”

Long before she founded the fake grassroots gun control organization Moms Demand Action From Michael Bloomberg’s Wallet, Shannon Watts was a public relations executive working for her fellow left-wing radicals. That sympathy, as our compatriots at Twitchy has discovered, is still readily apparent, and Watts put the interest of “being liberal” over the interest of so-called “gun sense” in a recent Twitter fiasco.


Watts apparently thought she was targeting a Republican for the ire of Moms Demand supporters when she brought to attention the tweeted threat of radical (and more than a little unhinged) Virginia political candidate Mike Dickinson.

Watts wanted the ersatz politician to suffer the shrill wrath of her followers… then attempted to delete her tweet targeting Dickinson once she discovered that Dickinson was a fellow left-wing radical.

Unfortunately for Watts, Twitter is forever, and she was quickly called on her hypocrisy by Twitter users.    


Other Twitter users unloaded on the Moms Demand founder as well, and not without reason.

Like her miniature totalitarian employer Bloomberg, Watt’s far more interested in serving her political party’s agenda than she is disarming the truly dangerous, especially when those dangerous souls are her fellow unhinged progressives.

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