Florida Man Becomes Poster Child For Gun Control/Animal Abuse

Thomas Mcguinness is npretty much the stereotype gun control cultists would create of an irresponsible gun owner.

A jerk in Port Charlotte, Florida has made himself infamous for posting images of himself pointing a handgun at pets.


A disturbing photo posted on Facebook has a lot of people upset and Charlotte County Sheriff’s deputies looking for the man in the picture.

The pic shows Thomas Mcguinness holding a cat with a gun to its head.

“I don’t really want to look at that. I find it disturbing,” said Sharon Thomas, Exec. Director of Animal Welfare League. “To see something like that it just turns my stomach.”

According to WBBH-TV, the post has been taken down.

“It angers us beyond belief,” said Brian Jones from the Charlotte County Animal Control.

Mcguinness later posted: “Don’t know why everybody so mad about a cat we only shot it twice.”

Authorities later found Mcguinness and he is said to be cooperating with authorities. There isn’t any evidence that he actually hurt the cat, nor the dog that he pointed a gun at in another photo. There was also allegedly a picture of him pointing a gun at his own head. All of these images were eventually taken down. Even after being sanitized, Mcguinness’s Facebook page contains other images that suggests he’s prone to mixing alcohol, firearms, violence, and stupidity.


He serves as living proof that while citizens have a right to bear arms, not all citizens have the ability to handle them intelligently, safely, and with good judgement.

Such individuals give ammunition to those who would strip us of the right to bear arms.

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