F TROOP RIDES AGAIN: ATF Agents Get Minimal Punishment For Botched Sting

Brain-damaged Chauncey Wright unknowingly worked for brain-damaged ATF agents.
Brain-damaged Chauncey Wright (IQ in the 50s) unknowingly worked for brain-damaged ATF agents.

The ATF continues their pattern of criminality without significant consequences, as the agents involved in a botched sting in Milwaukee received minimal punishments for their criminal behavior:

Four ATF special agents responsible for the agency’s botched undercover storefront sting in Milwaukee have been disciplined, but received the lightest punishment handed out by the agency.

The information was contained in a letter to members of Congress who demanded that the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and ExplosivesDirector B. Todd Jones disclose what disciplinary action was taken against agents and supervisors responsible for Operation Fearless.

James Burch, the ATF’s assistant director for governmental affairs, wrote that seven special agents involved in the Milwaukee sting were reviewed.

The ATF’s Professional Review Board proposed a reprimand for one agent and issued a “memorandum of caution” — the mildest action the board can take — to three others.

The agent who faced a reprimand ultimately received the less serious memorandum of caution. That decision was made by an ATF official whose name was not included in the letter.

The other three agents whose actions were reviewed received what’s known as a “memorandum of clearance” — clearing them of wrongdoing.

This was the operation where agents took advantage of a man with an extremely low IQ and entrapped him, allowed felons to leave the store with firearms, arrested the wrong people, and did such a poor job of securing the store that the store was burgled. Agents also paid obscene amounts of money for firearms, to the point the people they were trying to entrap were buying firearms from retail gun stores and selling them to the agents at a profit.

It has long been rumored that the ATF is the dumping ground for the dimmest intellects in the federal government.

They seem quite intent on keeping that reputation alive.