The Best Rape Whistles Go "Bang" [VIDEO]

Anti-gun leftists claim that they care if women are stalked, raped, and murdered by criminals, but if women who are the target of these criminals ask for protection, or ask to carry the single most effective deterrent to this sort of attack (a concealed firearm), they quickly show how little they care about human life:


Yesterday Students for Concealed Carry held their annual conference in Washington D.C. One of the panels during the conference featured women who have been stalked unrelentingly by violent and dangerous men.

One of those panelists was Dartmouth Student Taylor Woolrich, who detailed her long battle against a man who began stalking her after she served him a cup of coffee at a shop she worked in. The man was 40 years older than her and wouldn’t leave her alone.

“Eventually it all came to a climax when he attacked, well attempted to attack my then boyfriend in high school when I was 17-years-old and told him he should never speak to me again and threw hot coffee in his face. I got an emergency restraining order. When I returned to work the next morning, he was standing there and chased me back to my car. The restraining order was granted for a period of three years, this was August 2011. He was supposed to be out this month. He continued to contact me. He found me at Dartmouth, at my sorority, he found me at my family’s new home that they moved to. He found me through LinkedIn, Facebook, everything. I tried to delete things, he still found me. He hired a private investigator. We don’t know exactly where he gets his information, all I know is that when I returned home, after 18 months of not seeing this man, I got back to my parents’ house at 1:30 a.m. flying in from Dartmouth and at 8:30 a.m. the next morning he was knocking on my front door,” Woolrich detailed. “When he was arrested by the police, they found what they like to call a rape kit in the back of his car. It consisted of a sweatshirt, firewood, maps of the area, duct tape, a rope tied into a slip noose, hunting knives and various other items. He’s in custody now, because after doing that obvious act of harassment, that became enough for them to press felony charges, felony stalking charges vs. just a simple restraining order violation. When they obtained a search warrant for his house, they realized he had also found my address at school, my parents’ address, my mother’s full-name, he had pictures of me and my fiance that he had scratched my fiance out of.”


Dartmouth University cares very little about Ms. Woolrich’s safety. Like most universities, Dartmouth has a strong collectivist bent that cares little about the individual safety of students, especially when those students dare take up too much of the University’s precious time and resources. These same leftist anti-gun administrators also refuse to allow Woolrich to carry a concealed weapon, despite the obvious and demonstrable threat to her life that this stalker poses.

Bizarrely, anti-gun groups claim that they want to “help” women like Ms. Woolrich by ensuring that they are disarmed in the face of their attackers. They seem to think that a dead victim of a crazed stalker is somehow better than a live woman explaining to police why her attacker is rapidly assuming room temperature.

The most effective rape whistle goes “bang.”

It’s too bad that anti-gun leftists care more about establishing control over women than allowing them to protect their lives.

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