Rule Four

This may be every gun-owner’s nightmare:

At 3:34 am, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 from someone transporting a shooting victim to the Winchester Medical Center and the line disconnected.

Nine minutes later, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office received a call from Winchester Police Department stating that a Winchester Police officer was out with a single vehicle accident at East Lane and Cork Street where one of the occupants had a gunshot wound and was being transported to the Winchester Medical Center.

Deputies responded to the 400 block of Lilly’s Way where the 911 call originated and secured the scene.

During further investigation, police determined that just before the original 911 call, the homeowner was preparing to get ready for work and heard his interior alarm sound indicating the garage door had been opened.

Police said as the homeowner was approaching the interior garage, he heard a bang and sounds coming from inside the garage, grabbed a firearm and approached the garage door. As he opened the door, police say he observed a person coming towards him, raised his gun and shot the person. The homeowner determined that he had just shot his 16-year-old daughter who was attempting the sneak back into the residence after sneaking out earlier that morning without him knowing, according to police.


It remains to be seen if the homeowner will face charges for shooting his daughter, who is in stable condition at a nearby hospital.

He screwed up incredibly bad, shooting at a shape and the idea of a criminal invading his home. He did not identify if the person he heard was a threat, and nearly killed his child as a result of his failure.

The four rules are rules for a reason.

Don’t let this happen to you.

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