NICE JOB, CUOMO: At Least 105 Jobs Axed At Remington Due To NY SAFE Act

File this one under breaking news, as we have nothing more than this information at this point:

At least 105 jobs are lost at Remington Arms in Ilion, the union’s president confirmed to NewsChannel 2 on Monday afternoon.

The union is meeting with employees. We are working to bring you more information as it becomes available.


Remington had telegraphed the loss of up to 150 jobs and the moving of several assembly lines out of New York as a direct result of the NY Safe Act. It is unknown if the terminations will end with just the 105 jobs, or if the other 45 positions once forecast as part of the job lost are still vulnerable.

This is a sad and crushing development.

The Remington factory in Ilion has been manufacturing the same kind of products at the same location longer than any other American manufacturer. We’re not just seeing gun rights and gun jobs lost as a result of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s spiteful NY SAFE Act. We’re seeing the destruction of American history, and the slow death of a small town, all in the drunken pursuit of political power

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