West Virginia Highway Shuts Down For Chicken And Ammo Wreck

Chickens, AK-47s,  ammo, and drugs… yep, this sounds like a West Virginia parody, but is bizarrely, tragically real:

Just before 4 a.m., Seth Grim was driving a 1998 Ford Explorer with Pennsylvania plates and rolled it over on Interstate 79 near Amma, West Virginia. A dog tried to jump out of the window, which might have helped cause the wreck. Unfortunately, the dog later died and Grim was taken to the hospital with minor injuries to his upper torso.

Here’s where the story gets wacky. In the back of his explorer were 35 to 40 chickens along with an AK-47 and a large amount of ammunition. Also in the back of his vehicle was a device that police were extremely concerned about. The “improvised explosives” prompted a higher level of response.

The West Virginia State Police Bomb Squad out of Williamson was sent to the scene and removed the device.

Initially, all of the chickens were reported to have made it out alive. Our reporter, who was on site during the shutdown of the interstate, tells us that some of the chickens died.

Seth Grim
Seth Grim, suspected of fowl play.

Perhaps it won’t be entirely surprising to discover that drugs were found amid the splattered chicken bits and 7.62×39 ammo. Grim was arrested on the suspicion that a quart jar found in the car was filled with marijuana… apparently authorities are still questioning whether or not

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to be a fly on the wall as detectives tried to get Grim to explain the mix of drugs, fowl, ammo and the alleged “IED” in his possession.

What the heck was he doing?

Oct 18, 2021 4:30 PM ET