Border Residents Face "Imminent Terrorist Threat"

In most times, for most concealed carrier permit holders, everyday carry (EDC) accouterments look something like this.

An example of every day carry (EDC) items from Spec-Ops Brand blog.
An example of every day carry (EDC) items from Spec-Ops Brand blog.

It’s usually quite minimal, with the necessary items carried by Everyman (wallet, keys, phone) augmented by more martial items, such a handgun in a concealment holster, a  magazine (for pistols) or strippers (for revolvers), a pocket knife, and perhaps a powerful but compact tactical flashlight.

The citizens living within practical driving distance of the border may want to rethink what constitutes “everyday carry” if this Judicial Watch alert is correct and the well-funded and highly mobile Islamic State is staging on the border for an attack:

Islamic terrorist groups are operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez and planning to attack the United States with car bombs or other vehicle born improvised explosive devices (VBIED). High-level federal law enforcement, intelligence and other sources have confirmed to Judicial Watch that a warning bulletin for an imminent terrorist attack on the border has been issued. Agents across a number of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense agencies have all been placed on alert and instructed to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning this imminent terrorist threat.

Specifically, Judicial Watch sources reveal that the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) is confirmed to now be operating in Juarez, a famously crime-infested narcotics hotbed situated across from El Paso, Texas. Violent crimes are so rampant in Juarez that the U.S. State Department has issued a number of travel warnings for anyone planning to go there. The last one was issued just a few days ago.

Intelligence officials have picked up radio talk and chatter indicating that the terrorist groups are going to “carry out an attack on the border,” according to one JW source. “It’s coming very soon,” according to this high-level source, who clearly identified the groups planning the plots as “ISIS and Al Qaeda.” An attack is so imminent that the commanding general at Ft. Bliss, the U.S. Army post in El Paso, is being briefed, another source confirms. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) did not respond to multiple inquiries from Judicial Watch, both telephonic and in writing, about this information.

The disturbing inside intelligence comes on the heels of news reports revealing that U.S. intelligence has picked up increased chatter among Islamist terror networks approaching the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. While these terrorists reportedly plan their attack just outside the U.S., President Obama admits that “we don’t have a strategy yet” to combat ISIS. “I don’t want to put the cart before the horse,” the commander-in-chief said this week during a White House press briefing. “I think what I’ve seen in some of the news reports suggest that folks are getting a little further ahead of what we’re at than what we currently are.”


Act of Valor had an interesting plot of Navy SEALs attempting to stop an Islamic terrorist attack from coming over the southern border… I don’t feel a need to see it acted out here in real life, as similar attacks were carried out in Nairobi and Mumbai.

Until this threat is lifted, I’d suggest that folks within driving distance of the border might want to think about adapting their everyday carry gear to the increased threat.

It could be as simple as actually carrying your carry gun instead of leaving it in the gun safe (which is what most gun owners with concealed carry permits do, most of the time). It could mean adding an extra magazine and a tactical light to your on-body gear, or adding an individual first aid kit (IFAK) or trauma dressing to a briefcase, backpack, or purse.

If I were in Texas near El Paso, just across the Rio Grande from where they suggest that the attack may come, I might consider adding a “truck gun” to my vehicle along with spare magazines, providing that I could find a way to store it all securely.

Hopefully ISIS and their cartel allies can be isolated and eliminated in Mexico. If they can’t, I would expect the Mexican border to flow both ways for a change, with U.S. military units pushing south to punish both the Islamic terrorists and their narco-terrorist allies.

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