Moms Demand Leader Deemed A Threat To Her Kids, Barred From Owning Guns

We’ve always noted that gun control laws seem designed to only protect criminals. We just couldn’t have guessed how many of those criminals were leaders in America’s most vocal gun control group.

You can now add another name to Bloomberg’s roster of unsavory prohibited persons.

Moms Demand Action leader Erika Quinn is precisely the sort of person that shouldn’t be allowed to have a firearm. That’s not just my opinion, but the opinion of the Oklahoma court system:

In some recently breaking details, it’s just been learned that a Moms Demand Action leader was slapped with a protective order in April of 2013. What’s remarkable though is that Shannon Watts kept her on board for the last 16 months. The court order can be viewed here.

Erika Quinn who described herself as a Moms Demand Action leader for Oklahoma, was ordered by the courts to remain 300 yards or more away from the children named in the order, as well as surrender any and all firearms that she may own.

It is unclear at this time if the protective order against Quinn is still in effect, and if she has regained the right legally possess firearms.

If she hasn’t… well, I hope that she enjoys the cuisine at the local jail.

Quinn has since deleted her Twitter account. Unfortunately for her, the Internet is forever.