Coroner: Shoot The Criminals, And Send Them To Me

scott gregory
Winston County, MS, Coroner Scott Gregory seems to have struck a chord with county residents when he called for an armed response to a recent rash of burglaries.

Scott Gregory may be the coroner of Winston, County, Mississippi, but he sure sounds like someone running for sheriff:

Here’s something you don’t hear a coroner say every day: “I say shoot the idiots and call the coroner!”

Winston County Coroner Scott Gregory says he wasn’t trying to drum up business for his office with a Facebook post Saturday, but he’s fed up with a rash of burglaries around Louisville. He believes people should protect their homes and families, and says someone bagging a burglar would probably be a good deterrent. His post was making the rounds on social media on Monday.

Gregory gave his Facebook followers a warning shot with his post: “I’m about to make a few of you mad and probably think a lot less of me with this post, so you might want to eat something and sit down before you read this.” He also included disclaimers: “I’m not encouraging anyone to go on a killing spree ….”

But, he warns burglars and other bad guys: “… just know that the right amount of pressure applied to any one of my smoke wagons’ triggers combined with the accurate amount of gunpowder and lead will cause extreme pain and sadness to any human.” And he recommends everyone own a handgun and get proper training – and use it if necessary.

Gregory’s Facebook post goes into consider detail advocating armed self-defense, and seems to have become wildly popular in Winston County, where Gregory is also a local radio station DJ when he isn’t identifying bodies and or ordering investigations to determine a cause of death.

A sampling of the comments to Gregory's post.
A sampling of the comments to Gregory’s post.
Nov 26, 2021 10:30 AM ET