Climate Change Nut That Made It Into White House Was Already Known To Secret Service Because Of Weapons Charges

Omar Gonzalez sprints into the White House

The U.S. Army veteran/weather change conspiracy theorist that successfully breached the White House last week had multiple contacts with law enforcement that may suggest the Secret Service should have talked to him far sooner than after he made it through the front door of the First Family’s residence.


On Monday, federal prosecutors said that officers found 800 rounds of ammunition, two hatchets and a machete in the car of Omar Jose Gonzalez, 42, of Texas, after they searched it on Friday. The prosecutors made their disclosure before a judge as they argued that Mr. Gonzalez should continue to be held in jail because he posed a danger to President Obama.

The judge agreed, and Mr. Gonzalez will remain in custody until a hearing next month.

In late August, Secret Service officers stopped Mr. Gonzalez in front of the fence on the White House’s South Lawn after they noticed a hatchet in his waistband, the officials said. The officers searched Mr. Gonzalez car, finding two dogs, camping equipment but no weapons. He was not arrested or questioned further.

In July, Mr. Gonzalez was arrested after he led Virginia troopers on a high-speed pursuit along Interstate 81 in Southwest Virginia in his Ford Bronco. After being stopped, police found the vehicle filled with weapons, according to a release by the state police.

Among the items found in Mr. Gonzalez’s vehicle in July was a mini-arsenal of 11 guns including two shotguns and four rifles, some equipped with scopes and bipods that a sniper would use and “a map of Washington, D.C., with writing and a line drawn to the White House,” law enforcement officials said. He also had four pistols, three of them loaded, and a revolver.


Gonzalez reportedly told the Secret Service that he needed to talk to the President over concerns that the Earth’s atmosphere might collapse do to human activity. Yeah.

After the gun incident Virginia law enforcement alerted the Secret Service, which appears to have dropped the ball.

I have a feeling someone at the Secret Service might be forced into retirement soon, or they may face an even worse fate… a transfer to the ATF.

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