NY SAFE Act Supporter Gets Slap On Wrist After Violating The Gun Laws He Championed

One definition of tyranny is arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power.

New Yorkers, you live under tyranny:

An anti-violence activist caught carrying a firearm into an elementary school in February has been given a conditional discharge.

A judge says if Dwayne Ferguson completes 100 hours of community service and stays out of trouble, he will not face more serious charges possessing a firearm on schools grounds.

Last February, Ferguson sparked a scare at Harvey Austin Elementary School when a man noticed his weapon and called police. Students were held on lockdown for around three hours while police swept the school. It was during a second search that Ferguson was found with a weapon.


We noted at the time of his arrest that:

These activists can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls that the restrictive laws they champion have zero effect on the criminal behavior of career criminals and gang-bangers that are responsible for the vast majority of gun crime, but only affect good a decent people like Dwayne Ferguson always imagined himself to be.

Sadly, the only thing that Ferguson learned from his experience was that those who do the bidding of those who make the rules are all too often exempt from those rules.

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