Moms Demand Supporters Hope For More Executions Of Open Carriers

moms demand Arizona Fry's
Moms Demand Action posted a photo of this man shopping in an Arizona Fry’s grocery store to incite their supporters. It worked.

You might think that after the high-profile deaths of two people in an Ohio Walmart due to a man grossly exaggerated the actions of an innocent man in a 911 call that Moms Demand Action gun control supporters might refrain from promoting the idea of SWATting for a while. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, SWATing is the practice of making false or grossly exaggerated 911 call in hopes of creating a violent response by police officers who think that they are responding to a violent crime in progress, such as a murder or active shooting scenario.

Unfortunately, the victims of SWATting are almost exclusively law-abiding citizens caught completely unaware when highly-charged police show up with guns drawn and primed for a lethal force encounter.

Unfortunately, the photo (above) of a man legally shopping in Arizona prompted Moms Demand zealots to gleefully suggest that they wished someone would have called 911 and SWATted him to death, if they didn’t summarily execute him first.

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Sadly, comments in the threat indicate that Moms Demand supporters are well aware that John Crawford was shot to death by Beavercreek, Ohio police for merely holding a BB gun and talking on the phone, and that another innocent shopper died of a heart attack in the panic after police killed Mr. Crawford.

They simply don’t care.

They think that having a difference of opinion over how to exercise your legal rights is worthy of a death sentence.

We’ve noted this before, and will no doubt note it again: those who belong to the gun control cult aren’t remotely against violence. They’re very much in favor of violence. What they are very much against is armed resistance.

These are the people that Founding Fathers warned us about.