You Don't Actually NEED Your Liberty In Washington State, Do You?

It appears that I-594 is surging towards acceptance in Washington state, thanks to more than $10 million in spending by anti-gun billionaires Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Paul Allen, and Nick Hanauer. They’ve conned a lot of very gullible Washington voters into believing that I-594 will somehow prevent crime, despite near universal condemnation from law enforcement professionals who consider the legislation unenforceable.


But what, exactly, does I-594 actually do?

Supporters of the bill claim that it “closes the gun show loophole,” which is a neat trick, since the gun show loophole is a myth fabricated by gun control groups. Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) who sell guns have to perform FBI NICS background checks wherever they sell firearms, whether it is out of a storefront, a table at a gun show, or out of their own homes.

No the actual purpose of I-594 is to create a de facto gun registry:

While supporters of I-594 have successfully made the initiative sound innocuous enough, the reality is far from it. The 18-page measure is just the “latest and most comprehensive attempt to restrict the rights of law-abiding gun owners in the Evergreen State,” according to the NRA. “Initiative 594 is in reality a universal handgun registration scheme. Under I-594, every time a handgun is transferred, the person receiving the handgun will have their name added to the government database being maintained by the state Department of Licensing.”

The bill will make it illegal for friends to try out one another’s firearms, for a law-abiding citizen to give a firearm to a family member for self-defense, or even for one police officer to loan a firearm to another.

Meanwhile, criminals and the dangerously mentally ill will go on ignoring all existing guns laws as well as I-594.


More than  7,500 law enforcement professionals are against I-594. A handful of billionaires who want to control you are for it.

Who do you think has your best interests at heart?

Another initiative is running in opposition to I-594, and is hoping to help citizens ensure that the Bloomberg’s of the world never threaten your liberty again.

I-591 would block government from illegally taking the firearms without due process, would protect against illegal search and seizure, and would make it illegal for the government to create a gun registry. Most of the same law enforcement officers that are against the unenforceable I-594 are for I-591.

It’s a simple matter in Washington state.

Vote for I-591 and against I-594.

A petty tyrant like Mike Bloomberg shouldn’t be telling you how to live.

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