TERRIFYING: Planned Ambush Of Indy Police Thwarted by Faulty Alarm

An would-be cop-killer wearing combat fatigues and carrying a semi-automatic rifle broke into an Indianapolis restaurant and intentionally triggered the burglar alarm, then set up an ambush for the police officers he was expecting to arrive to investigate.


His plot was thwarted only because the owner had been getting false alarms from the system, and he told that alarm company to avoid sending the police.


RTV6 has obtained a copy of an officer-awareness bulletin, one that warns of an attempted law enforcement ambush in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Metro Police are trying to find the person who appears to have planned to shoot and kill officers as they arrived to a crime scene.

Tuesday, the FBI sent out another round of alerts to the nation’s law enforcement agencies warning about possible retaliation against officers pending a grand jury decision from Ferguson, Missouri. The decision is linked to the shooting death of an unarmed teen by a police officer

The officer awareness bulletin was issued not long after the early morning break-in at the Flashbacks Bar and Grill near 6800 East Southport Road. The armed suspect broke through the front glass doorway and was picked up on surveillance video from inside.

The bulletin, issued by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Intelligence Unit, says that a male subject, dressed in combat fatigues and armed with an M-4 rifle, appeared to take cover inside the bar and wait.

Public Safety Director Troy Riggs said the individual was lying in ambush waiting for officers to respond to the alarm.

“Ambush is another level. We get these reports from time to time. With terrorism, with people being more aware of that, we seem to be getting more and more of that,” Riggs said.


RTV6 seems to be implying that they believe the attempted ambush may be linked to the pending grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri, but they don’t provide any evidence to support that contention.

We hope they are wrong.

While we’ve seen plenty of evidence online that suggests many of Michael Brown’s supporters are unreasonable and perhaps even a bit unhinged, this is the first time we’ve seen anyone suggesting that police around the nation may be targeted for murder because of the grand jury’s decision.

Let’s hope that Indianapolis police quickly identify and capture this suspect before harm comes to anyone.

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