Austin Mounted Policeman Ends Consulate Rampage With One-Handed Shot

A mounted policeman in Austin, Texas was about to stable a pair of horses early this morning when he heard a large number of shots fired nearby. While still holding onto the reins of two police horses, the officer found and then engaged the attacker. The officer fired a one-handed shot that either killed the man, or convinced the man to take his own life.


Reuters and several other news agencies are stating that the attack was conducted by a felon in his mid-50s who seemed to be angry over President Obama’s lawless immigration executive orders.

The suspect, who has not been identified, was an Austin man in his 50s who had a criminal history. The targets indicated the attack may have been over U.S. immigration policies, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said.

“When you look at the national debate right now about immigration, that … comes to mind. Sometimes our political discourse becomes very heated and sometimes very angry,” Acevedo told reporters.

No police or other civilians were injured in the incident where the bomb squad was dispatched to investigate possible explosive devices linked to the suspect.

A mounted officer bringing horses into a stable fired at the suspect near police headquarters and may have delivered the fatal shot, Acevedo added.

“The sergeant was right there getting ready to put the horses away for the night. As he held two horses with one hand, he discharged at least one round with a single-handed shot,” Acevedo said.


The suspect went down after the officer fired at approximate 2:32 AM.

A bomb squad was called to check out what responding officers thought might have been IEDs in the attacker’s car and on his person, but it now appears that no explosive devices were present.

The attacker began firing shots at approximately 2:22 AM at at the Federal courthouse, the Mexican consulate, and the police station. He also allegedly attempted to burn the consulate, but failed.

Authorities are searching the man’s home, and haven’t said precisely why they think President Obama’s illegal executive order on immigration triggered the attack.

It does not appear that anyone was hurt in the attack other than the criminal himself.

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