G2 Research's "R.I.P." .45 ACP Ammo Is Dangerous... To Glock Shooters

It is relatively rare for a ammunition company to issue a platform-specific cartridge recall, but that is precisely what G2 Research is doing with a post on the company’s Facebook page which recalls R.I.P. .45 ACP ammo made between July 1-November 30 of this year, but only for owners of Glock pistols.


An “unsupported chamber” is one where a section of the pistol case is not completely covered or backed (supported) by the chamber and bolt of the weapon, and in which a brass or aluminum cartridge case can rupture under certain conditions, doing Very Bad Things to both the firearm and potentially, the shooter.

The resulting detonation has colloquially come to be called a “kaboom.”

The phenomena of a “kaboom” is hardly unique to Glocks, but there was a seemingly abnormal number of spectacular failures of Glocks chambered in .40 S&W circa 2009 that gave the pistol and undeserved reputation as a grenade among Glock-haters, resulting in some amusing memes.


What makes this G2 Research recall notice particularly interesting is that the .45 ACP cartridge itself is normally known for operating a low chamber pressures, which tend to reduce the possibility of a kaboom.

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