WHEN IT ALL FALLS DOWN: A Peshawar-Type Attack Will Happen Here

The story of the school attack in Peshawar, Pakistan by Taliban terrorists is heartwrenching.

At least 126 people, more than 100 of them children, have been killed in a Pakistani Taliban attack at an army school in Peshawar, according to provincial officials.

Many children escaped but some were still being held hostage hours after the initial assault, and reporters at the scene said they could still hear firing and explosions.

Military helicopter gunships hovered above the school but were unable to open fire because of the hostages.

Six or more attackers, dressed in army uniform, mounted the assault on the school for the children of army personnel shortly after 11am. Hundreds were in the school at the time.

The attackers, some of them wearing suicide vests, managed to get into the school from the roof of a van parked next to a wall that abuts a graveyard, according to local police. They began firing at random. Another blew himself up as security guards approached.

A student who was in the school at the time of the attack told local media: “The gunmen entered class by class and shot some kids one by one.”


Images from the attack at the school in Pakistan echo those from Newtown, Connecticut, just two years ago.

A plainclothes security officer escorts students rescued  froman army school during a Taliban attack in Peshawar, Pakistan, December 16, 2014. (AP Photo)
Authorities evacuate students from Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. (AP Photo)

The most recent tally suggests that 132 students, 10 faculty members, and 3 soldiers died in the Peshawar school assault, with scores more injured. All seven terrorists were either killed by Pakistani military forces who cleared the school room by room, or committed suicide as soldiers closed in.

It can happen here.

It will happen here.

Counter-terrorism experts have long anticipated such an organized attack on our schools. Many in our progressive-dominated education system refuse to premeptively defend against these attacks because of their hatred of firearms, and their apparent inability or unwillingness to tell the proverbial sheepdogs that would protect them from the predatory wolves that would tear them apart.

Watch the first two minutes of this NRA Life of Duty video, as a tactical trainer (himself a teacher of warriors and law enforcement officers) explains a training exercise that he planned in less than 24 hours to simulate a school attack by a five-man terrorist cell. They were the adversaries for a 150-man state police response.


The results of that simulated attack at an unnamed school somewhere in the United States were devastating, as was the attack in Peshawar Tuesday.

It can happen here.

It will happen here.

It isn’t a matter of “if.” It is a matter of “when.”

In all likelihood, the terrorists who carry out the attack will have streamed across the border from Mexico, because current and past governments both Democrat and Republican have desired (and still desire) a large influx of illegal aliens, and have thus left the border virtually undefended. The terrorists will likely follow the same routes as heroin imported from southwest Asia into Mexico, and then up and over the border with the assistance of the same Mexican drug cartels that smuggle marijuana, heroin, and cocaine over the border.

Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, the Taliban, and ISIS all rely on drug money for at least part of their financing, all have close contacts with their business associates in the drug cartels in Mexico, and all are thought to have infiltrated the United States over our undefended border.

What happens when that attack comes?

Why, our students, teachers, and staff will die.

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If a mentally ill anorexic man-child can murder 26 in an undefended school, then a terror cell that has trained overseas before infiltrating over the border should be able to kill dozens to hundreds before law enforcement can mount a response.


As the tactical officers, counter-terrorists and trainers in the Life of Duty video so candidly acknowledge, we aren’t willing to change. We aren’t willing to face the attack that we know is coming, and do what we can before the attack to defend our children.

Even after 9/11, we will pretend that it can’t happen here… until it does again.

Our bleeding heart educational cartels, for all of their interest in shaping the minds of our students, recoil in horror at the thought of taking steps the steps necessary our experts recommend to defend their lives.

Even some of the teachers who survived the carnage at Sandy Hook Elementary are unwilling to accept the obvious truth that something as simple as a single armed school resource officer could have likely ended that assault just as quickly as other SROs shut down attempted mass shootings at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon and Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado.

In both of those instances, the shooters intended mass murders. Both were confronted by school resource officers within two minutes, and committed suicide after taking just one other life.

That these Sandy Hook teachers still express lockstep opposition to guns saving lives on campus, even after 20 of their students and 6 of their co-workers were murdered, is stunning.

Their dogma is stronger than reality.


For the record, despite the reflexive gun hatred from these teachers, facts clearly show that at least one member of the Sandy Hook staff had the drop on the mass murderer during the murder spree, but was unarmed and defenseless, thanks to prevailing anti-gun orthodoxy that places the feelings of thin-skinned progressive educators over the safety of our children.

Educators like this would  rather play security theater than save lives. They’re rather risk the lives of your children, than learn to defend them with firearms.

It can happen here.

It will happen here.

It’s a sad reality that we are not willing to stop the attack that we know is coming. We know that research shows guns in schools save lives. We know that armed SROs have stopped attacks that were intended as mass school shootings, before the killers had a chance to fully implement their plans.

But the education mafia is hindering attempts to put SROs in schools. They stymie plans to train and arm teachers, faculty, and staff to defend students.

They can’t even conceive of what it would take to harden our schools against a terrorist attack.

It will happen here. They’ve cursed us to that.

Sadly, we won’t have that much-needed conversation on how to make our students truly safe until after that horrific Peshawar-type attack finally happens, and we’re forced to pick up the pieces of tiny bodies that our educators were unwilling to defend.


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