Calling "BS" On The Story Of A Super Soaker Being Turned Into A Shotgun

I would like to understand something.

How can a news station like get away with claiming that criminals are turning toy guns into real guns, which what clearly occurred was that a fully-functional existing firearm was merely placed inside the plastic shell of a watergun, with a hole crudely hacked away to allow the ejection port to function? (our bold below)


It sounds like something right out of a movie, but police in the metro east say criminals are taking toy guns and turning them into real guns.

Two guns – a super soaker turned into a shot gun and a toy pistol turned into a .22 caliber revolver – were confiscated by police in Granite City on December 3, 2014.

While police won’t comment on specifics of the Granite City case, they do say modified weapons are a serious threat.

I can’t believe that any self-respecting journalist would attempt to float such a blatantly dishonest claim that the cheap plastic watergun was “turned into” a functioning shotgun.

Perhaps KMOV’s journalists really are that mind-numbingly stupid, and think that shoving a a fully functional object inside a shell of some sort turns that shell into the fully functional object.

If that is the case, then I have a stunning story for them on how to “convert” a $10 plastic Magpul case into an iPhone, by merely adding a working iPhone.


Isn’t that brilliant? That ought to put them in line for a Pulitzer.

Remember, folks, that the mainstream media knows nothing about firearms, other than they are “icky.” Don’t assume that anything they claim regarding firearms has any merit unless you can independently verify those claims.

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