"Go Ahead And Shoot Me... I’m Not Afraid Of White People."

On the same day assassinated New York City Police Department officer Rafael Ramos was laid to rest in New York City, Madison, Wisconsin police were forced to draw their guns on a drunken thug who had attempted to rob a couple in a drugstore parking lot.


Payne said a 22-year-old woman had walked out of a Walgreens, and as she neared the car in which her boyfriend was waiting, a man was “hovering” and pointing what appeared to be a gun at her 25-year-old boyfriend.

When the gun holder realized the woman was nearing the car, he aimed the laser lighter at her. This prompted the boyfriend to go for his own loaded weapon.

Thompson then reportedly said: “Go ahead and shoot me, I’m not afraid of you, I’m from the south side of Chicago and I’m not afraid of white people.”

The concealed carrying citizen was apparently enough of a gun enthusiast to realize that the thug wasn’t armed with a real weapon, and resisted the urge for a “free shot” at the allegedly drunken criminal.

A lighter like this can be used by criminals to simulate a gun.

Instead they called police, who arrived and took Quincy R. Thompson, 19, of Madison into custody on a number of charges. The laser-pointer was found nearby, suggesting that Thompson was at least marginally smarter than Tamir Rice, and ditched the toy weapon before police arrived. Thompson did threaten to blow up the city and “kill cops” when taken into custody.


* * *

There is an apparent shared mass hysteria masquerading as a “social justice revolution” sweeping through parts of our society. It started by building a mythology surrounding the justified shooting of strong-arm robber and attempted cop-killer Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and expands every time there is a death with a group of activists nearby to blur the lines and and attempt to create the myth that the cops were bloodthirsty and unfair.

We saw this most recently when violent criminal Antonio Martin attempted to murder a Berkeley, Missouri police officer just miles from where Darren Wilson put down a rabid Michael Brown. Fortunately for the Berkeley officer, Martin pulled his gun—a Hi-Point 9mm pistol designed for right-handed shooters—with his left-hand, and was unable to disengage the safety, giving the officer time to retreat and fire shots, one of which struck and killed the attempted cop-killer.

Despite the fact the killing was caught on three security cameras at different angles showing the entire event (the Berkeley PD tastefully refused to show Martin being struck and killed on “Camera 1”, but you can see the officer firing and retreating to safe distance on “Camera 3”), agitators soon arrived and began rioting and a fighting with police.


A mix of modern multi-racial collegiate communists, leftover white hippies, militant black nationalists, La Raza separatists, anarchists, militant jihadists, welfare queens, gang-bangers, spoiled trust-fund progressives, reactionary suburban dolts, and opportunistic self-promoters and left-wing radical politicians are attempting to push this “revolution” nationwide in an attempt to bring down capitalism and the U.S. Constitution.

The practical effect of this is that some criminals now think of themselves as “revolutionaries” as they carry out assaults, robberies, and even assassinations that are attacks on the institutions that hold this Republic together. Law enforcement agencies feel “under siege” because they are, be design.

The media is seemingly only reporting on these stories as they hit major metropolitan areas of interest where the media is congregated either by nature (New York, Los Angeles, etc) or by circumstance (Ferguson/St. Louis and surrounding areas), but there are lesser reported instances of copy-cats and wannabes attacking people in less media-saturated markets. In my local market (Raleigh/Durham) we’ve had a criminal ram police vehicles and attempt to kill officers, while another attempted to assassinate a police officer from behind. Our local leftist media has reliably under-played both attacks on police, pretending that they are simply isolated local news stories, occurring in a vacuum..


Presently, the bulk of these “revolutionary” crimes are targeting police officers.

Expect these criminal attacks to spread to attacks on isolated citizens, and be prepared to defend both yourselves, your family, and even your neighborhood against these “revolutionaries” that act a lot more like roving criminal gangs than political activists.

The time to upgrade your every-day carry is now.

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