"Unarmed?" CNN Pushes Police Racial Bias Fiction In Attempted Murderer Ezell Ford's Death

Holly Yan, CNN “reporter,” narrative crafter. (Twitter)

The racial agitation network known as CNN is attempting to stir the pot again this morning now that the autopsy of Ezell Ford has been made public. While not the household name of strong-arm robber and attempted cop-killer Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri, CNN is doing the best that they can do gin up outrage over Ford’s August death as well.


They’d like to describe Ford’s death as “another death of an unarmed black man at the hands of police” in order to help push the racist narrative, and CNN’s race hustler Holly Yan is doing her best to characterize his death that way… while leaving out the fact that Ford wasn’t “unarmed,” but was instead attempting to murder with his own weapon.

His name isn’t as recognizable as Michael Brown‘s. But like Brown, Ezell Ford was an unarmed black man shot and killed by police in August.

Now, newly released details of Ford’s death could raise a host of new questions.

Among the findings: The 25-year-old was shot three times, including once in the back. And that wound was surrounded by a muzzle imprint, Ford’s autopsy report shows.

But “there is nothing in the coroner’s report that is inconsistent with the statements given to us by the officers,” Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said.

Ford was shot by Los Angeles police on August 11 — two days after Brown was killed.

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office released the autopsy Monday after the Los Angeles police removed its security hold on it.

The LAPD had put an administrative hold on Ford’s autopsy because the department said it wanted witnesses to come forward before the autopsy’s release.

What happened?

The circumstances leading up to Ford’s death aren’t exactly clear.

According to one of the officers involved, he and Ford got into a “violent struggle,” Beck said.

Ford ended up on top of the officer, with Ford in control of the officer’s pistol, the police chief said.


Wait a minute.

Yan’s lede and headline say that he “was an unarmed black man,” and then insinuates something nefarious about the fatal wound in Ford’s back having a muzzle imprint.

But Yan’s attempt to insinuate racial bias is getting in the way of telling the story made clear by the facts, as four use of force experts interviewed by the Los Angeles Times makes perfectly clear.

Here’s the reality that Holly Yan is attempting to avoid describing.

Ezell Ford knocked down a LAPD officer and was in the process of taking control of the officer’s weapon in order to murder him with that weapon.

The officer continued fighting Ford to control the muzzle with one hand, while yelling for assistance from his partner and drawing his backup gun with his other hand.

The officer who was not struggling with Ford drew his weapon and fired two shots into the armed suspect (Ford) who was attempting to kill the officer on the ground. One of those shots was not life-threatening. The other would prove to be a fatal wound.

At the same time, the officer fighting for his life with the armed Ford was able to get his backup gun and place it against Ford’s back, also firing a shot that would prove to be fatal.

Ezell Ford was in control of a police officer’s weapon and was actively attempting to murder that officer with his own weapon when he was shot. None of the three shots fired by the LAPD officers was morally ambiguous in the slightest, and the claim that Ford was “unarmed” at the time of his shooting is an abject lie.


Ezell Ford was shot because he attempted to murder a police officer with his own weapon.

One would hope that “reporters” who fabricate news stories so blatantly would face the axe for pushing alternative realities over facts, but then, we’re not dealing with a network that cares about reporting facts, just pushing rating and narratives.

After all… “This is CNN.”

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