Bloomberg's Everytown Uses Fake "Study" To Push For Gun Control In Vermont

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s gun prohibitionist group Everytown for Gun Safety has released a report pushing for universal background checks in Vermont—a state that typically has less murdered in a year than Chicago has before lunch on any given Saturday—citing a study that the group did on firearms ads placed on the Internet. According to Everytown’s report, up to 126 guns are sold to felons or the mentally ill via just three popular web sites every year.


Unfortunately, the group’s claims aren’t supported by the evidence.

In its latest report, titled “Hiding in Plain Sight,” Everytown monitored guns for sale on three primary websites and in a sting-like move posted 24 guns for sale on a popular arms website between July 28 and Oct. 9.

Some 169 potential buyers responded. Investigators hired by the group checked criminal backgrounds and found that seven of the 169 were prohibited by law from possessing firearms.

By extrapolating the data, “gun sales transacted on just three websites put an estimated 126 guns into the hands of felons and domestic abusers in Vermont — and likely many more — in this year alone,” the report concluded.

The glaring weakness in Everytown’s “research”—more accurately described as blatant gun control propaganda—is that the group only established that some prohibited persons were interested in attempting to acquire firearms via the Internet. They failed to establish that so much as a single purchase was made to a prohibited person.


Yes, you read that correctly.

Mr. Bloomberg’s group failed to provide and evidence that so much as a single firearm was acquired via online sales, but is still using this fatally flawed study to push for restrictions on the basic human right for self-defense in a state that has a less violent crime than most cities and towns.

Everytown is the sister organization of Moms Demand Action, another group with a sad history of fabricating data.

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