Unarmed Domino's Driver Shot In Ambush In Houston During Robbery Attempt

Domino’s Pizza, like Papa John’s, has a corporate policy of denying employees their basic human and constitutional right to armed self-defense.

We’re still attempting to determine if Sarah Cherry, the former Army MP and Domino’s store manager in Blytheville, Arkansas, is going to keep her job after she drew her concealed weapon and engaged three armed robbers who had opened fire inside her store, driving them away and saving her employees.

Now we’re getting word that a Domino’s driver in Spring, Texas, was boxed in and ambushed last night, and unable to defend himself, was shot in the chest:

A Domino’s delivery driver was shot after delivering a pizza to an apartment complex north of Houston, constables say.

Deputy constables say the driver was leaving the Timber Run Apartment complex in the 3000 block of Hirschfield Drive when two suspects tried to rob him.

The suspects were in their own vehicle and fired shots into the driver’s car. One shot went through the windshield and hit the delivery driver in the chest.

The driver was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital and is in critical condition.

There’s something incredibly screwed up about a corporate culture that cares more about the slim possibility of being sued by criminals than the very real daily threat to their employees. Being a driver is the seventh most deadly job in the United States, and yet Domino’s and other corporate pizza chains demand that their drivers go into known high-crime neighborhoods unarmed. Many managers and drivers ignore this dangerous policy, only to typically be fired when they dare defend their lives against armed criminals.

Our children love pizza, and we’ve typically bought Domino’s every Friday when they’ve had a good week in school.

As a supporter of the Second Amendment newly aware of the chain’s anti-self-defense policies, I’m not sure that I can patronize the chain anymore, at least not until they show that they care about the basic human right of armed self-defense for their employees.