SLAPPED DOWN AGAIN: Moms Demand Kindly Told to Take A Hike By Chicken Chain

The bullying and harassment campaigns of Moms Demand Action continue to fail, as their latest target politely told the gun prohibitionist group to go pound sand:

Raising Cain’s Chicken Fingers simply wants to follow their business model without getting dragged into political debates. Like Kroger and their affiliated supermarkets, Raising Cain’s refuses to bow to Moms Demand’s irrational hysteria-mongering.

Moms Demand operates their social media bullying campaign using the same tired tactics, finding old pictures of open carry supporters in Texas who once used the tactic of long gun open carry into restaurants and stores to try to raise awareness of the fact that Texas is one of just a handful of states that bans the open carry of a holstered handgun. As the law presently stands in Texas, you can carry a handgun on your belt under an untucked shirt, but as soon as you tuck in your shirt and the gun is exposed, you’ve broken the law.

Yes, that’s right: same gun, same holster, same belt, same lawful gun owner, and the “crime” is committed by tucking in your shirt. It’s all quite absurd, which is why various open carry groups are pushing to have an open carry law adopted in this session of the Texas legislature.

Open carry groups had carried long guns into restaurants into businesses hoping to make a point, but open carry groups like Open Carry Texas have stopped using that form of protest once it was determined that the tactic wasn’t helping send the message that they wanted. The only group that we’re aware of that still uses this tactic is Open Carry Tarrant County, a small group of aggressive extremists that many of you have indicated in the comments of prior posts that you think are little more than a disguised gun control group… sheep in wolves’ clothing.

I applaud Raising Cain’s for deciding not to be drawn into a political debate, and feel bad that they are likely to be the subject of months of harassment by Shannon Watts and her small, shrill band of bullies. It might be worthwhile to let Raising Cane’s know that you support their decision to remain politically neutral.

You can leave a comment on their Facebook page, on Twitter, or via email, “snail mail” or phone via their contact page.

Raising Cain’s seems to be a company that shares a love of community that is common among most gun owners, and I hate that their being attacked by a group of zealots who are interested in nothing more than infringing on the basic human right to armed self-defense.

* * *

The tactics used by Moms Demand are characteristically dishonest. Like the 2013 photo of Kory Watkins carrying a slung AKM in a Fort Worth-area Kroger that Moms Demand used as the justification to try to push for a ban on the open carry of holstered handguns nationwide, the gun prohibitionist group is using a 2013 photo of an Open Carry Texas protest in attempt to bully Raising Cain’s Chicken Fingers.

This is the sort of characteristically dishonest behavior that seems endemic to the gun control movement. Moms Demand Action has been repeatedly called to the carpet for grossly exaggerating the number of school shootings in America since Sandy Hook (they claim 100, actual total is 1/4 that) by claiming that shots fired near schools, robberies with shots fired on college campuses, suicides, and drug deals gone wrong in school parking lots on weekends and at night are “school shootings.”  Politifact,, and CNN are just some of the left-leaning organizations that have pilloried Moms Demand.

Though proven to have lied, Moms Demand continues to push forward with the bogus “report,” knowing that their less honest allies in some media will still regurgitate their talking points.

Mike Bloomberg’s other gun-control group, Everytown for Gun Safety, also has a “truth problem.” Attempting to generate interest in Vermont for “universal background checks” (as a prelude to registration and confiscation), Everytown falsified a report claiming that “unlicensed sellers” were selling guns to criminals via the Internet. Of course, they could not prove that a single illicit sale too place in their misleading report, and also apparently defamed a licensed gun dealer in the process, and he is seeking legal action against them.


Sep 22, 2021 6:30 PM ET