More Misleading "School Shootings" For Moms Demand


A shooting between rival gang members that occurred outside a high school gymnasium hosting a basketball game in Frederick, Maryland, on Wednesday joins the bizarre list of “school shooting” cited by gun prohibitionist group  Moms Demand Action.


Unfortunately for the group, an investigation by police shows that like so many of the other “school shootings” claimed by the group, the shooting outside the gym was instead a gang-related shooting:

Authorities identified the victims in Wednesday night’s shooting at Frederick High School as two freshman boys, ages 14 and 15, who attend nearby Gov. Thomas Johnson High School.

According to the sources, both boys called themselves members of a gang known as the “PA Mob.” The “PA Mob” is known to be involved in a dispute with a rival gang known as “CA,” which is short for the Carver Apartments.

Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action has been something of a shooting star among gun control groups, but the group fronted by former Monsanto PR flack Shannon Watts has been having a serious problem with their credibility since June of 2014.

It was then that the group released a report claiming that there had been 74 school shootings in the 18 months since the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut… an astonishingly high figure that no one found remotely credible.

CNN, no fan of the Second Amendment, was just one of the news outlets that quickly concluded that the Moms Demand report was bogus.

The network concluded that there were just 15 school shootings, not 74. Of those 15, only five were attempted mass killings of the kind the kind the public thinks of when they imagine a Columbine or Virginia Tech.


Moms Demand had concocted their fraudulent list of “school shootings” by including not just mass shootings that the public thinks of when they think “school shootings,” but  on-campus suicides, drug deals and robberies gone bad on school property, domestic violence killings, gang violence, crimes that occurred in school parking lots on nights and weekends when schools were closed, etc.

Every major fact-checking organization blasted Moms Demand for their dishonesty, but the group continued using the same intentionally flawed methodology to pad their dishonest figures. With seemingly every crime involving a firearm near a school counting as “close enough” for Moms Demand, the gun prohibitionist group hit “100 school shootings” in November… according to their criteria, at least.

The group concluded that a domestic violence murder-suicide yesterday at the University of South Carolina’s School of Public Health that the police called an “isolated incident” is the 103rd “school shooting” for their list.

At least one can give Moms Demand credit for being consistent with their continued deception.

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