The HCAR and The BAR

The BAR is an American Classic and will always have a special place in the history of US Military small arms- it’s ruggedness and reliability are legendary. Thanks to the good folks at Ohio Ordnance Works this piece of history is preserved for law abiding gun owners to enjoy and pass down to future generations . For those that love the latest and greatest OOW has launched the HCAR – an updated version of the BAR that brings the warhorse into the 21st Century. Enjoy.


The Ohio Ordnance Works HCAR (heavy counter-assault rifle) is a beast, and was easily our favorite semi-automatic rifle of the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas where we saw the prototype the day after it was finished. It’s awesome that this powerful battle rifle is almost ready for prime time… now we just need a bake sale to raise the money to afford one when they start shipping in May.

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