Use Of Force Expert Explains LAPD Shooting of Gun-Grabbing Homeless Man

We’re finding out more and more information about the shooting of a homeless man by LAPD officers that we covered earlier this week.

It turns out that the man that rabidly anti-police “social justice” activists have attempted to portray as victim of police brutality was in fact an illegal alien and violent felon who had only gotten out of prison within the past year after having spent 14 years in prison for bank robbery:


The homeless man fatally shot by Los Angeles police officers in a Sunday confrontation was living in the United States under the assumed identity of a French national, authorities told ABC News Tuesday.

The LAPD had identified the man as Charley Saturmin Robinet, a convicted bank robber who carried a French passport.

But Astrid le Moine, Press Attaché for the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles, said the French consulate later notified police of the usage of the stolen identity.

Arnaud Guillois, the press counselor at the French Embassy in Washington, told ABC News that the homeless man killed on Skid Row “is not French.” French officials do not know the man’s nationality at this time, Guillois said.

A call to the LAPD Tuesday seeking comment wasn’t immediately returned.

Court documents confirm that the man who used the name Charley Saturmin Robinet was released from federal prison on May 12, 2014 after serving 14 years in prison. According to the Associated Press, the 2000 incident involved Robinet holding up a Wells Fargo to steal money to pay for acting classes.

Authorities still don’t seem to be any closer to knowing what the man’s actual name is, only that he stole the identity of the French citizen Robinet. My own suspicion is that if they couldn’t determine his real identity in the run-up to his trial or in his 14 year stretch in prison, they aren’t likely to ever find out his real name.


The LAPD released pictures of the weapon and holster of the rookie officer that “Robinet” attempted to disarm, which showed evidence of a stovepipe malfunction suggesting that someone pulled on the slide of the weapon. A screen capture that captured the event showed what appears to be “Robinet” reaching up and grabbing the officer’s weapon. The only reason he appears to have been unsuccessful in his attempt to disarm the officer is that the officer used some form of retention holster, which is now standard for most uniformed law enforcement officers.

Los Angeles Police Detective Meghan Aguilar points at a photo released by police that could indicate evidence of a suspect holding a police officer’s gun, seen in a video grab scene shot by a witness at the scene of the shooting of a homeless man on Skid Row of Los Angeles on Sunday, displayed at a news conference at police headquarters Monday. (Damian Dovarganes/The Associated Press)

There were at least four videos that captured the event, including two from police officers equipped with lapel cameras that recorded the event. Those two videos have not yet been released to the public.


Like so many of the officer-involved shooting narratives offered up as evidence of police misconduct by activists and the mainstream media within the past few years, the narrative of “Robinet”being unfairly victimized by police seems to be falling apart rapidly as evidence is released.

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