Florida Man! One Biker Kills Another Attempting To Shoot A Bucket Off His Head

Jeffrey Camarda, 43. Land O’ Lakes Detention Center jail booking photo

The Florida Man meme is an Internet staple thanks to the actions of some particularly stupid people in the Sunshine State. A couple of bikers behind a bar in Land O’ Lakes Florida aren’t helping to dispel the thought behind the meme, as one shot the other in the head in what appears to be a drunken attempt at the legendary shot made by Swiss folk hero William Tell.


Instead of a apple, the victim was holding a trashcan on his head, and the marksman was an apparently under-the-influence biker who shot too low with his gun.

Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a call at 9:14 p.m. Sunday about a man down at the Rock Harley Saloon, located at 2624 Land O’ Lakes Boulevard.

When deputies arrived, they found Billy Lee McDaniel, 43, with a gunshot wound to the head.

Investigators say McDaniel and members of the Southern Sons Motorcycle Club were drinking in the bar’s back parking lot.

McDaniel was being initiated into the motorcycle club and was standing and holding a plastic garbage can above his head.

Investigators say motorcycle club members were throwing cups and bottles into the can when Jeffrey Camarda, 43, attempted to shoot the can from McDaniel’s head.

Camarda fired and struck McDaniel in the head, according to investigators.

McDaniel was transported by helicopter to Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point where he died from his wound early Monday morning.

It isn’t clear from media accounts if McDaniel knew that Camarda was armed with a handgun and had any idea that a shot was about to be taken. If he participated willingly, he would seem to have at least partial credit for a Darwin Award.


What seems to be far more clear is that Camarda fled the scene after he shot McDaniel, and that there were plenty of witnesses putting him at the scene of the crime. Camarda is facing manslaughter charges and is being held on a $250,000 bond.

Camarda seems to have violated all four key rules of gun safety… and maybe a few dozen more.


We have rules for the safe use of firearms for a reason, folks.

Don’t be the next “Florida Man.”

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