GRAB YOUR WALLET: Remington Defense Begins Selling To The Public

I apologize for not covering this when the news was announced last week, but I’ve been a little busy with the war on M855 ammunition, as you may have noticed.

Remington has announced that they’re going begin selling several of their Special Operations grade Remington Defense rifles to the general public.

From the press release:

Remingtonā€™s Defense Division is comprised of a highly-specialized team of former U.S. Special Operations personnel whose mission is to design and build the best firearm-based weapon systems in the world, and to sell those weapon systems to the U.S. Military, law enforcement agencies in the United States, and allied nations around the world. The Division has its own dedicated team of research and development engineers as well as its own dedicated unit of manufacturing personnel who do not perform any work at Remington except for work in support of the Division. This means that the firearms manufactured by the Division embody the utmost level of quality as well as the most advanced technology available today. Never before have firearms manufactured by the Division been sold on the consumer market.

Initial offerings from Remington Defense available to consumers will include the following models ā€“ R4GP (Remington Gas Piston) Carbine, R4 Carbine, PSR/MSR (Modular Sniper Rifles) and M2010 (US ARMY replacement for the M24 Sniper Rifle).

The rifle that is probably going to sell the most units is the R4E (R4 Enhanced), Remington’s version of a best-in-class, AAC-suppressor ready, direct-gas-impingement AR carbine.

The MSRP on the R4E is $2,250, which isn’t out of line for some of the high-end AR carbines we’ve seen. The Haley Strategic Jack Carbine built by Bravo Company USA and many Noveske ARs are in this same much-better-than-mil-spec category, and the R4E should be able to hold its own here.

The other carbine being released to the public from Big Green’s defense arm is the RGP (R4GP), the Remington answer to piston guns like the HK416 (which you can’t buy, because you suck and HK hates you).

Gas piston ARs were created to address the perceived reliability issues of ARs running dity with high round counts, and there are various different approaches to building a gas piston system. They are supposed be the bee’s knees, but they’re not cheap. The Remington Defense RGP has an MSRP of $3,890.

Remington is also releasing two matched-package versions of the M2010, the rifle that replaced the vaunted M24 sniper rifle used by the Army since Will Smith was still “getting jiggy with it” in the 1980s.

The .300 Winchester Magnum chambered rifle comes matched with a Leopold Mk4 optic and a matched AAC TITAN QD Silencer with both a Hardigg hard case and a soft case for a MSRP of $19,718. Don’t want or need the suppressor? The pacakge without the AAC Titan QD runs $17,405.

If you’ve got the time and money, Remington defense is willing to sell you the MSR/PSR, or Modular Rifle System, which quick changes between .308 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum, and .338 Lapua in just seconds to give you 1500 meter range.

The sniper costs extra.

All three calibers, a Leopold Mk4 scope, and an AAC Titan QD suppressor can be yours (along with a hard case) for the low, low price of $30,463. Stripped down versions with other options can be had for as low as $22,545.

The kids can get college loans on their own, right?