NBC News' Rossen in "Intense Agony" When He Filed Fireball-Filled Story

NBC News investigative reporter Jeff Rossen was in “intense agony” and had “meds lined up” as he filed an apparently slanderous and libelous combination of print and video stories on Today and Today.com, according to his own Twitter account.


Rossen’s report allegedly defaming Tannerite Sports and mislabeling the industry-leading reactive targets as “bombs” has resulted in a lawsuit against NBC News and a Kentucky affiliate.

Rossen’s article smearing the binary reactive target industry and industry leader Tannerite Sports in specific went beyond normal anti-gun media biased to actionable defamation according to lawyers representing the Oregon-based target company.

Rossen’s report on Today was filled with fiery explosions reminiscent of an early 1990s report that landed the network in another suit, that was won by General Motors.  In that incident, experts hired by Dateline rigged the gas tank of a GM truck to explode during a collision.

Rossen’s allegedly defamatory report on NBC News featured large fireballs prominently, but Tannerite is non-flammable and non-incendiary.

Rossen’s March 23 report features numerous explosions with massive fireballs, but Tannerite® is non-flammable and non-incendiary, which rossen should have known if he had done his due diligence as a reporter.

The fiery explosions could only have come as a result of the use of an accelerant.

This fiery explosion in Jeff Rossen’s Today report could not have been caused by the use of Tannerite alone. Only the use of an accelerant could have created such a fireball.

Neither Bearing Arms nor the Tannerite Sports lawsuit is accusing Rossen, Today,  or NBC News of rigging explosions as the network apparently did in 1992’s “Waiting to Explode”, but Rossen clearly did not do his research before airing “Bombs for Sale,” and the network may take another huge credibility hit as a result.

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