Three Killed, One Injured In Menasha Bridge Attack

A single male suspect opened fire on a popular pedestrian bridge that is part of a walking trail in the Wisconsin city of Menasha last night at approximately 7:30 last night in what appears to be a random attack:


Police say four people are dead–including the shooter–and one person is in critical condition after a shooting on the Trestle Trail Bridge in the City of Menasha.

Police say no officers responding to the scene fired a weapon. They also say that the incident appears to be a random act and that the public is not in any danger.

The shooter was described as a  “lone male.”

“We believe this was a random act, it does not appear that anyone was targeted for this so  I wanna emphasize that the community is not at any risk at this point,” said Chief Tim Styka, City of Menasha Police Dept. “I also wanna say this is unfortunately something that all the departments in the community here have planned for. Within a matter of moments  there were 30 officers on scene trying to contain the situation.”

Police say the call came in about an active shooter situation a little after 7:30 p.m., promoting multiple police agencies to respond. Many officers arrived on scene within minutes.


The suspect is believed to have fired 10-12 shots, according to witnesses. He killed three people and critically wounded another.

It is suspected but not confirmed that he then turned his weapon on himself. Authorities did not discharge their weapons after they responded to the “active shooter” call, and there is no indication at this time that anyone on the bridge returned fire.

There was no warning of an attack and the motive for the attack was unknown at this time.

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