BREAKING: George Zimmerman Shot In Apparent Murder Attempt

George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who was acquitted for shooting a drug abuser in who apparently attempted to beat him to death in 2012, has been injured in a shooting in Lake Mary, Florida:

George Zimmerman was involved in a shooting incident in Lake Mary on Monday afternoon, according to Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell.
The shooting involved two men and happened on Lake Mary Boulevard about 12:45 p.m., police said.

According to Bracknell, officers at the scene reported Zimmerman suffered a minor gunshot wound.

“He walked normally into the ambulance, so he wasn’t being helped or nothing,” said witness Ricardo Berrare.

Chopper 2 video showed a bullet hole in the passenger window the vehicle Zimmerman was in.

Bracknell said the shooting may have been related to an “ongoing dispute” involving Zimmerman and another person.

We’ve been able to capture an image apparent bullet damage to front passenger-side window of the vehicle.

There is no indication at this time that Zimmerman returned fire in the incident, even though Zimmerman retains his Florida concealed carry permit and is known to carry one of several handguns.

Zimmerman apparently suffered a grazing wound to his head. [See update below]

While WESH Orlando is asserting that this may be “road rage” and part of an “ongoing dispute,” they don’t seem to know if that is related to the on-again, off-again relationship Zimmerman has had with a girlfriend, or if this may be related to the media-generated hatred of Zimmerman for daring to defend his life against Trayvon Martin. Martin was a street-fighting, drug-abusing former football player who attacked Zimmerman from behind as Zimmerman was returning to his truck after making a 911 call about a suspicious person in his neighborhood.

The media attempted to make the case that the shooting was racially motivated even though Zimmerman himself is tri-racial, and impugn Florida’s implementation of “Stand Your Ground” self defense laws, even though it was never relevant to prosecution or defense of the case.

It is not yet known if the man who shot Zimmerman today is in custody.

Update: Zimmerman was not hit by the bullet itself, but was injured by flying glass from the bullet. He was treated and released at a local hospital. Zimmerman did not shoot at his attacker.

Update: A white male is in custody for attempting to shot Zimmerman. Reports are that the individual had a prior history with Zimmerman, and may have flashed a weapon at Zimmerman previously.

Jun 25, 2022 12:30 PM ET